2016 · July · Wrap-Ups

Wrap Up: July 2016

I haven’t read as much in July as I normally do during this time of year. I only actually read three books during the month, finished one I started in June and began reading one that I didn’t have time to finish before the month was over. Then again, I have generally liked the books I read, and I have also been working, so I haven’t had that much time over.

Heir of Fire, by Sarah J. Maas
Four Feathers
Review here

Looking back, this feels like one long passageway to get to what would happen in the end of Queen of Shadows. That said, this is where the story began going where I had wanted it to go after reading The Assassin’s Blade, which I personally think that Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight detoured a bit from.

Queen of Shadows, by Sarah J. Maas
Four Feathers
Review here

Finally the story is going somewhere again. Half of this was still pretty much build-up for what is to come, but this is the best yet.

Sent i November, by Tove Jansson
4.5 Feathers
Review here

After finishing Queen of Shadows, I wanted to read something that I could get through quickly, but still knew I would love. This is what I ended up reading. And I loved it so much. There is such a melancholiness to the Moomin books, and a darkness and a gloominess that feels very unusual in children’s books, but that is also why this series is so good. Both children and adults can enjoy them, which also means that these are books you can take with you for a long time.

The Girl who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making, by Catherynne M. Valente
3 Feathers
Review here

I should have loved this book. However, it contained several not-so-subtle references to other, famous, works. Had these not been so obvious, I might have liked it better. I will continue on with the series, though.

[Currently Reading: “The View from the Cheap Seats”, by Neil Gaiman]
Published in 2016 by Headline

[Currently Listening To: “The Name of the Wind”, by Patrick Rothfuss]
Published in 2009 by Brilliance Audio/Audible Audio | Originally published in 2007 | Read by Rupert Degas


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