2016 · Films · October

Those little things called hobbies

I saw this video on YouTube, by Ariel Bissett, where she talks about being a “proper” reader, and it really struck a chord with me. Her argument is that you don’t have to read ten books a month to be a reader. You can read two books a month, or none at all. That’s fine too, and you don’t have to feel bad about it.

I love reading (obviously). I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember, it has always been my favourite hobby, and it’s so cool that it’s possible to study literature at university as its own subject. But over the summer I haven’t been reading that much for fun and it stresses me a bit, because I usually read so much, especially during that time of year. As soon as I have time off, I read. But the thing is that I’ve been reading a lot for school, and when I got time off, I think I’ve just been wanting to do other things than read. Or at least have an audiobook going, so that I can do something else while reading.

Lately I’ve been getting really into colouring books – I find it so soothing to only focus on having to choose what colour to use next while half-listening to YouTube or an audiobook in the background.

I also love watching movies. I don’t go to the cinema that often (cinemas are super-expensive in Sweden -.-‘), but we do watch some films at home. And I like movies more than TV-series, because if I’m not watching a series with someone, I tend to lose interest, and movies only go on for two hours or whatever. So that’s something I really enjoy as well.

That’s why I think I might want to change the focus of this blog a bit. I’ll still be writing about books, but I would like to incorporate more stuff about films too. So starting this week, I’ll be publishing film reviews and “what I watched this month”–posts alongside the book stuff, just to keep this blog going as I think it’s fun.


One thought on “Those little things called hobbies

  1. Hello little Owlie,
    Always good to read your blog. Interesting with your slightly changed focus and I will follow the development for sure.

    Keep going


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