2016 · November · Reviews · Stage

Play Review: “Peter Pan”

I watched this at the Grand Theatre in Lancaster on 16 November 2016

4 Feathers


Peter Pan is the story about three children who get whisked off to Neverland by Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up.


This made me so happy for some reason. It was something about the songs and the message and that the actors seemed to be having fun. They also made a pretty silly production out of it; if anything, this was mostly a family show where they didn’t explore the deeper themes of it.

It did feel slightly long, though, with some scenes that could have been cut. Also, the Indians (the term they used in the play) were perhaps a bit too silly  and stereotypical, and was perhaps the part that felt the most unnecessary. So that was the major drawback for me: the length and unneeded fillouts. You could even notice how some of the younger children, both on stage and in the audience, grew a bit tired towards the end, which isn’t really a good sign if you’re aiming for a family production.

But overall, as I said, this made me so happy. I really want to read the books and original play now.


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