2016 · December · Reviews

Book Review: “My True Love Gave To Me”

Edited by Stephanie Perkins | Published in 2014 by St. Martin’s Press | Audiobook read by various narrators for Listening Library/Audible in 2014 | Three Feathers


This is a short story collection with twelve stories about Christmas.


This is another one of those audiobooks I downloaded to get into the right mood, this time for Christmas. I don’t have that much to say, really, because considering that all the stories were written by different people, there were some that I liked more than others. Laini Taylor’s stood out to me, mostly because I like her writing (though the narrator was a little bit too dreamy/off, so I think I would have preferred reading it on my own), and I liked ‘Beer Buckets and Baby Jesus’ by Myra McEntire more than some of the other stories as well. I will say, though, that I skipped the two stories right before Laini Taylor’s, because I was more interested in her story and was getting a little bit tired of the book. Maybe that wasn’t entirely fair, but I just felt that most of the stories, though different, handled the same themes and somehow ended in more or less the same way. Also, some of them felt a little bit too insta-lovey for me, so in the end I just wanted to finish it.

Something I like about short story collections written by a variety of authors is that they have different narrators for all the stories. What I especially liked about this particular one is that it features different kinds of people and ways to celebrate the winter holidays – one story had a black person as a main character, another protagonist had Hispanic heritage, and a third person celebrated Hanukah instead of Christmas. I liked that addition of a bit more diversity.

However, the thing about anthologies is that there are some stories that you really like and some authors that stand out to you more than others, while the majority of them are just a little bit meh. That was the case with this one as well – most of them were too similar or too sped up for me to truly like them, so in the end this was pretty middle ground for me.


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