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Some Movies I Want to Watch in 2017

I did a post on books I’m looking forward to this year, so I thought I’d do something similar with films. Not all of these premiere this year, but they’re films I’d like to get around to watching some time in 2017. Also, when I write premiere dates, they are the Swedish ones, so they might be different in other countries.

  • La La Land – premieres 27 January

This is probably one of the two that I’m the most excited for when it comes to the films that come out during the first half of the year. It looks like it might have some streaks of “old Hollywood” to it, and it’s hard to say no to musicals.

  • Jackie – premieres 3 February

This one’s about Jackie Kennedy after the murder of her husband. I don’t know very much else, but it seems really good as well.

  • Beauty and the Beast – 17 March

The second of the two films I’m the most excited about! I mean, it’s got Emma Watson, it seems really well made, and it’s Disney. It can’t go wrong, and I can’t wait!

  • The Light Between Oceans – 2 December 2016

I noticed this because Alicia Vikander is in it, and she’s a Swedish actress. But the story seems pretty good as well – it’s about a couple who find a baby in a boat and decide to take care of it, but a few years later they meet a woman who lost her child at sea around the same time that they found the baby. It seems like the type of film I could like!

  • Lion – premiered 25 December 2016

I’m actually watching this with my mum and my sister this upcoming weekend. It’s about a man who’s originally from India, but was adopted into an Australian family when he was a kid, but now he wants to find his biological family and decides to use Google Earth to accomplish that. People are saying that it’s good, so I hope I’ll think so too.


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