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Mashup Movies

Here’s another Mashup Movies! I know I did a post like this not too long ago, but I’ve watched a few more films since then that I wanted to write about.

Collateral Beauty
Directed by David Frankel | 2016 | 4.5 feathers

I didn’t know very much about this going into it, and thus also didn’t really expect anything from it. My sister and I were going to the movies, and this seemed good, so we got tickets. And I ended up liking it a lot.

It was such a thought-provoking film, with a bunch of good actors in it. I also love movies where things might have happened for real, but they also might not have, which is one of the reasons that I liked this so much. I would really recommend this one!

Money Monster
Directed by Jodie Foster | 2016 | 4.5 feathers

This was another really good one. Contrary to Collateral Beaty, I was slightly hesitant about this at first – we rented it through our TV operator, and I thought “oh, okay, another action movie, great”. But then it turned out to be a really intense hostage drama, and my entire family sat staring at the TV for an hour and a half straight. It drew us in immediately, and turned out a lot better than I expected.

Directed by Garth Davis | 2016 | 4.5 feathers

As you may have seen, this was on my list of films I wanted to watch this year. I saw the trailer for it when I went to watch Collateral Beauty with my sister, and so the week after we went to see it with our mum. It was so worth it. It wasn’t thought-provoking in the same way as Collateral Beauty was, but rather a very gripping story about a boy who had a very tough childhood after losing his family in India, and later gets adopted to Australia. I actually began crying at some point. (You should have seen the guy sitting next to mum in the cinema – he thought the film was super-sad). I guess my only “complaint” is that the beginning felt very long, and then they jumped a little bit too quickly in time at other places. Not that it was difficult to follow the story, it’s just that they could have lingered a little bit more at some plot points – like when he started studying at uni. You got to know that he started, and then they never really showed anything more from that. You would just understand that he was probably finished or had dropped out, but they didn’t really explain it.

I do really recommend this, though – if you get the chance to see it, you should definitely take it :).

Directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee | 2013 | 3 feathers

It’s almost hard to believe that it took me so long to avoid watching this, but here I am almost four years later. I liked the premise behind this, but the timeline felt a bit cramped and the magic wasn’t really explained. It took place during around two days, but they began talking about eternal winter and made it feel as if Elsa had been away for much longer than she actually had. I think that’s the problem – the events should have taken place during a much longer period of time. Also, they didn’t explain the magic system – it was just there and nobody really bothered explaining it. Another thing I found a bit weird is that Elsa was the only one with magic. Shouldn’t someone else in her family have had magic powers too? Like, where did they come from? And those living rocks – people seemed to randomly know that they existed, but there weren’t really any other magical creatures, so why rocks?

What I did like, though, was the focus on Elsa and Anna, because Anna could only be saved by true love and that love came from Elsa, so the true love was the love from her sister. I found that super cute and actually refreshing.


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