2017 · February · Reviews

Book Review: “Norse Mythology”, by Neil Gaiman

Published in 2017 by W&W Norton | Four feathers


This is a retelling of Norse myths.


I can’t tell you if these are good retellings of the myths, considering that I know embarrassingly little about the original ones, so I will just go on and review this as I would any other book.

I enjoyed this so much, and was surprised by the humour in it. The gods would continually mess up and would then end up having to clean up after themselves – I really liked that about them, that they could create a complete mess for themselves just like anyone else.

What is also enjoyable about this collection is that it’s very accessible. It’s told in a colloquial language, which means that they speak like anyone else would speak. Though I still like when myths or myth-like stories are told in the traditional, high-flying language that myths are usually told in, I still liked the way this was told, because the language and tone also contributed to the humour.

As you can probably tell, I liked this a lot, and would definitely recommend it.


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