2017 · June · Reviews

Book Review: “American Gods”, by Neil Gaiman

Published in 2013 by Headline | Originally published in 2001 | Four feathers


This is about Shadow Moon, who is released from prison a few days early because his wife passes away in a car accident. On his way home, Shadow meets Mr Wednesday and, since he has nowhere else to go, he agrees to be Wednesday’s bodyguard. Then Shadow finds himself pulled into a war between the old gods (i.e. from Norse/Egyptian mythology etc.) and the new gods (technology and media, etc.)


American Gods is a very strange book, so if you haven’t read anything by Neil Gaiman before, I wouldn’t recommend starting here. But if you have and liked it, you should definitely get around to this ASAP.

My favourite thing about this was the premise – I liked the idea of a war between old gods and new gods, and I also liked how much influence there was from Norse mythology especially. However, the chapters tended to be really long – some were close to 50 pages – and if there’s something I don’t like in books, it’s long chapters. They take forever to finish and it never feels as if you’re getting anywhere.

It was also occasionally super weird, so I don’t think that American Gods is a book for everybody. But if you like mythology-inspired fantasy and Gaiman’s writing, I would recommend this.


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