2017 · July · Reviews

Book Review: “Unfiltered”, by Lily Collins

Published in 2017 by Harper | Four feathers


This is an essay collection about self confidence and self love and finding your own voice.


Lily Collins seems to be a very positive person! That was literally my first thought after finishing this. Unfiltered was definitely worth the read, and it deals with important topics about not letting anyone else dictate your life. It was very accessible and easy to read, almost to the point that it was a little bit too colloquial. For example, there were some essays that contained annoyingly many exclamation marks. Maybe the book is directed at a slightly younger audience – I’m turning 22 in a couple of weeks, so I’m thinking that perhaps it was written more for high school students. It also got pretty cheesy at times.

That said, I am happy that I read it, and it’s definitely worth reading.


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