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2018 Goals + 2017 Wrap-Up

I can’t believe that it’s 2018 already?? Every year I sit there and wonder what happened to the year that just passed, but I’m still excited for the year to come. I thought I would put up a post of my 2018 book-related goals and look back up my goals for 2017.

Read 50 books
I didn’t reach this goal, although I was close! At the moment of writing this (December 30th), I have read 47 books. The majority of them were for fun, but there are also quite a few I read for class as well.

Project 5: Read 5 books before I get to buy a new one
I did not accomplish this goal this year, but it’s definitely something I would like to continue aspiring to.

Publish at least one blog post/week and revive my Instagram
I think this went fairly well. There were weeks when I didn’t post at all, but I have been more consistent with my blog than before.

Get better at using my reading journal
This is the one goal I definitely accomplished, and I’m so happy about it! Every book I read this year is recorded in my reading journal.

Read at least one book for fun each month
This went well in the beginning of the year, up until I started studying literature. Then class reading took up a lot of my time.


Read 50 books
I’m keeping this on here because it still feels like a doable goal. It will probably be a little bit more challenging this year since I’ll be done with studying literature in June, but I will do my very best!

Read at least one book a month for fun
This is important to me, since it’s my way of calming down. Maybe I will tweak this later on and read for 30 minutes before going to bed or something like that, but I will try to accomplish this.

Project 5: Read 5 books I own before I get to buy a new one
The reason I’m keeping this on here is pretty much the same as last year: I own so many books that I haven’t read, so I want to get better at actually reading those first.

Get better at unhauling books
I have a tendency to hold on to books, no matter what. But this year I want to get rid of books if I didn’t like them, if I don’t like that particular edition, or if I don’t think I will ever read that particular book.

Continue with the blog and Instagram
This is more or less the same goal as last year. I want to publish at least one post a week, and, since I want to practice my reviewing, I want to put up more reviews. As for Instagram, I would like to post at least three times a week.


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