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Book Review: “Fangirl”, by Rainbow Rowell

Published in 2013 by Pan Macmillan | Five feathers


This is about Cath, who starts college with her twin sister Wren. They’ve always been close, so Cath assumes that everything is going to continue the way it has always been: they’ll be roommates, they’ll attend class together, and Wren will continue helping Cath with her fan fiction. However, Wren wants the whole college experience with parties and boys. So Cath has to learn to deal with everything new in her life.


To begin with: I loved Fangirl! I’m always a bit skeptical towards hyped books, because in many cases I don’t love them as much as everyone else seems to do. But this one was great. I could relate so much to Cath and her anxiety, and I loved how the fandom aspects were incorporated into the story. It’s definitely up there with my favourite books of 2017.

What I didn’t get was the deal with Levi. Sure, he was okay, but everyone has been talking so much about Levi that I thought that he must be something special, but he wasn’t really? That is probably an unpopular opinion, but he didn’t stand out as a character to me.

Also, I would sometimes forget that the novel is written in the third person, and then I would be surprised when I suddenly realised that it isn’t. That’s not really a criticism, but it was something that occurred to me while reading.

Overall, I liked this a lot, and would definitely recommend it if you like contemporaries centered around fandoms with a relatable main character.


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