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Rating System
As everyone sees this differently, I thought I’d create this page to explain my ratings a bit further. I use a five-star rating system, called feathers because of the name of this blog 🙂 .

1 feather:
One feather means that I really didn’t like the book in question. I don’t think I have ever rated a book one feather.

2 feathers:
This means that I disliked the book quite a lot, but I didn’t hate it. Usually there’s something redeeming about it. This is probably the rating I use the most if a book didn’t appeal to me.

3 feathers:
This is that classic, “didn’t–hate–it–but–also–didn’t–love–it” rating.

4 feathers:
Four feathers means that I liked it more than average, but there was something about it that made me not love it.

5 feathers:
Means I loved it ❤ !

Review Copies + Contact
I am not currently accepting books for review, but you are always welcome to contact me about it and I will consider it. My email is