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Review requests:
I will consider accepting books for review. My favourite genre is fantasy, but I also enjoy historical fiction, contemporary novels and science fiction. I don’t typically read dystopian novels, crime fiction, paranormal fantasy, and romance, which means that it is unlikely that I will review books from those genres. However, I am always open for suggestions, so you are welcome to contact me if you, based on my previous reviews, think that I will like a particular book. I am very selective with the books I choose to review, so I cannot guarantee that I will accept a book for review.

Reviews will in most cases only be posted on my blog. I cannot guarantee that it will be spoiler-free. If a review contains spoilers, I will post a spoiler-free version on Goodreads.

I accept ebooks in pdf format. I review self–published books if they are available through any larger booksellers such as Amazon/Book Depository, or Adlibris/Bokus in Sweden.

If I have received a book from a publisher or author in exchange for a review, it will be stated in the beginning of the review.

You can get in touch on .

Rating system:
I use a five-star scale, and I call the stars feathers, because of the name of the blog.

1 Feather:
This means that I really didn’t like a book. Actually I don’t think that I’ve ever handed out a one-feather rating to a book, because usually there’s something about it that I can appreciate even though I generally didn’t like it. So if a book gets one feather, it is crap. And it might also mean that I didn’t finish it.

2 Feathers:
Two feathers mean that I didn’t like it, but not everything was totally bad. There is usually some aspect that redeemed the book – perhaps the writing, or the setting, or it had a good ending, or something along those lines.

3 Feathers:
The book wasn’t super-good, but it wasn’t bad, either. I think that this is the rating that I hand out the most, alongside four-feather ratings.

4 Feathers:
I really liked a book if I gave it four feathers. Mostly everything about it appealed to me, but it didn’t receive five feathers because there was something small about it that pulled it down.

5 Feathers:
This means that I loved the book. However, I am very restrictive with dealing out five feathers. There has to be something special about it for me to give it five feathers.

Sometimes, I use 0.5, when a book isn’t quite any of the other ratings (so, for example, if something gets a 3.5, it means that it was better than a 3, but didn’t quite reach up to a 4). I will also sometimes post shorter versions of my reviews on Goodreads – there will at least be a rating and a link to my review.

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